Conflict Minerals Declaration

QANTEK policy on conflict minerals

As a global supplier of frequency control devices, QANTEK Technology Corporation has a policy of conducting business and operating within all regulatory guidelines.

After reviewing our processes and consulting our material suppliers, the products supplied by QANTEK Technology Corporation do contain one or more of the 3T1G – Tin (Sn), Tungsten (W), Tantalum (Ta), and Gold (Au), also known to be the conflict minerals.  QANTEK Technology Corporation does NOT directly purchase any of these minerals and does not know the source from the DRC countries or its neighboring countries.

Due to the complexity of the mineral supply chain, QANTEK Technology Corporation is unable to identify the origin for the minerals used in our products. We are however, requesting our material suppliers to take reasonable due diligence in the supply chain to ensure that the minerals used are not sourced from conflict regions.


application/pdf QANTEK Conflict Minerals Declaration (70.0 kB)