RoHS/REACH Directives

QANTEK policy on RoHS

All products manufactured and supplied by QANTEK are RoHS compliant if not otherwise stated. As a manufacturer of quartz crystals and oscillators QANTEK’s company policy is to ensure that the directives, procedures and requirements as set out in the RoHS directive are complied. QANTEK has evaluated and continues to evaluate all products to determine heavy metal content. QANTEK continue to pursue strategies to ensure RoHS compliance and will continue to update this statement as the situation unfolds.

QANTEK policy on REACH

As a global supplier of frequency management components, QANTEK Technology Corporation has a policy of conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner and operating fully within all regulatory guidelines. QANTEK is classified by REACH as a “downstream user”. We are obligated to report any product or shipping material containing substances on the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in REACH in quantities greater than 0.1% (W/W). After reviewing our processes and consulting our suppliers, QANTEK has determined NO product or packing material containing the substances on the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in REACH. Therefore QANTEK products are NOT required to be registered.

All QANTEK products are in fully compliance with REACH regulations.

  • QANTEK does not directly export chemicals (either substances or preparations of substances) to EU but articles which are electronics components.
  • There is no intended release of substances or preparations from QANTEK products under normal application conditions.
  • The substance quantities contained (if there are any) are well under the REACH usage and reporting threshold of 1000 tons per year per manufacturer.


application/pdf QANTEK RoHS/RoHS III and REACH Directives (74.1 kB)
application/pdf QANTEK REACH-ECHA-List (185.6 kB)